Webmail: Settings

Learn about the different settings available within Webmail.

Message Settings


Edit your mailbox preferences, including message handling and display options.

  • From Name: The name in the "From" line that will be displayed when sending email.
  • From Address: The email address you want to appear in the "From" line of outgoing mail.
  • Reply-to: Set if you want to receive replies to your messages at an address other than your default "From" address.
  • Sending Messages: Select if you want to save a copy of the message after sending in Sent Mail folder, compose messages using the graphical editor, and spell check your messages automatically when sending.
  • Replying To Messages: Set if you want to include the original message when replying and if signature auto-insert is enabled, place your signature before or after the original message.
  • Reply Separator: Set options for the type of separator to place between the original message and the reply.
  • Deleting Messages: Choose to permanently delete messages or move messages to the Trash folder when deleted. Emails in the Trash folder are automatically deleted after 3 days.
  • Compose Width: Set the width of the text field on the compose window. The default is 80 characters.
  • Messages Per Page: Select the number of messages that appear per page (10, 25, 50, 100 or 200). The default is 10.
  • Address Collection: Automatically add email addresses to your Address book.
  • Message List View: Set the columns you want to see in your mailbox.
  • Set Warning: A warning will be sent to you when your mailbox is coming close to capacity. Default is 70%.
  • Message Display: Display emails in plain text, without any formatting or rich text (HTML).

Create a message that will be added to the end of every email you send.

Vacation Message

Set a message to automatically reply to incoming emails while you're away.

Message Filters

Automatically sort, forward and delete incoming mail into folders. Filters can take up to 30 minutes to take effect.


Forward your incoming email to alternative email addresses and set up forwarding rules.

External Email

Check non-Suddenlink e-mail addresses with your Webmail.

Return Receipts

Automatically create a return email that lets you know when and if the recipient has received your message. This feature only works between Suddenlink addresses.

Junk Mail

All incoming email messages are scanned for viruses and infected messages are deleted before they reaches your inbox, unless you choose to change your preferences.


Block or display external images when viewing rich text (HTML) messages. A blocked image message will display where the picture would have appeared. Any images received as attachments remain unaffected.

General Settings

Time Zone
Change your time zone.

Addresses Settings

Entries Per Page

Select the number of addresses that appear per page (10, 15, 20, 25, 50 or 100). The default is 15.

Delete All Entries
Delete all entries in your Address book.