As of May 4, 2021, Suddenlink no longer offers the ability for new and existing Internet customers to create new Suddenlink email accounts.

Learn about the different features and settings available within Suddenlink webmail.

How to use

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Access Webmail

  1. Go to home.suddenlink.net
  2. Click Email and login with your username and password.


Quota overview

Features Policy
Number of Email Accounts Up to 10 (depending on your level service)
WebMail Storage Limit 2 GB, 54 MB per mailbox
Max Message Size 20 MB
Max Recipients 1,000 messages or 1,000 recipients per day
Delete Trash 3 days
Delete Unread (In Inbox) 60 days
Delete Spam 3 days
Delete Account (All email addresses,
mailboxes, messages, and associated content)
After 90 days of inactivity or 90 days of disconnection