Upcoming Channel Moves

If you are looking for a channel position, please reference suddenlink.com/tvlineup for the most up-to-date information on your local listings.

Occasionally, as we make network upgrades, the new configurations may not be communicated with your TV if you do not rent a cable box from Suddenlink. While the channel is still on the same position, it can be occasionally necessary to 're-scan' your television.

To perform a 're-scan' please use your TV settings, commonly referred to as 'Auto-Scan', 'Auto-Program' or 'Channel Search'. This will force your TV to look for the new placement of the channels. Again, these actions are only required if you do not rent a cable box from Suddenlink.

See below for areas and dates which may be upcoming for various upgrades:

  • Upcoming EIA Channel Moves
    • None
  • Upcoming DOCSIS Channel Move
    • None
  • Upcoming Analog to Digital Channel Conversion
    NOTE: Standard Definition (Analog) TVs without a cable require action to access the new lineup. Without digital equipment, you will not be able to view any channels on this TV. Order a HD DigitaLink to connect to your TV here or call us at 844.737.7111.
    • Greenwood, MS