Understanding Your New Bill

Understanding your bill is important. Take a look below for an explanation of each section.

1Service Information
Account number and access code, plus your billing address (which may be different from service address)

2Account Summary
Overview of your account with:
- Any promotional offer
- Billing period
- Payment due date
- Amount due
- Previous statement balance
- Payments received by the new bill’s print date
- Any past due balance
- Current charges

3Brief description of what changed since your last bill

4Helpful reminders about Paperless Billing and Auto Pay

5Easy ways to pay your bill

6Your service address

7Account Details
Provides all the details about your payments, current charges and savings

1Detailed information about any monthly services. If you're not on a promotion, this section will appear as Current Monthly Charges
2Partial charges and/or credits for services added/removed during your billing period

3Charges that vary monthly based on your account activity and  are not part of your regular monthly charges

4On Demand and Pay Per View purchases

5List of the taxes, fees and charges associated with your services

8Important messages, reminders and offers

9Detach the bottom portion of the bill to mail with your payment. Make sure the address on the remit shows through the window on the return envelope