TiVo: Parental Controls

Parental controls help you make sure your family has access to only those programs you want them to watch. Set limits on movie and television ratings, lock specific channels, and prevent viewing of recorded shows.

If parental controls are off, the lock icon on the Parental Controls screen appears unlocked and dim. If they are on, the icon is locked and bright. If they are temporarily off, the icon is unlocked and bright.

Block options

To set up blocks from TiVo Central go to Settings & Messages -> Parental Controls.

  • TV Rating Limit: Block programs rated TV-Y through TV-MA.
  • Movie Rating Limit: Block programs rated G through NC-17.
  • Block Unrated: Block unrated TV programs and movies.
  • Block by TV Content: Block TV programs by type of content like language or violence. 
  • Channel Locks: Lock individual channels or all channels.

TiVo parental controls do not apply to Netflix, web videos, Hulu Plus, or other TiVo apps.

Turn on parental controls

  1. Press TiVo on your remote to access TiVo Central.
  2. Highlight Settings & Messages and press Select.
  3. Highlight Parental Controls and press Select.
  4. Select Turn on Parental Controls.
  5. Enter a 4-digit PIN, then enter the same PIN again for confirmation.

Note: A PIN needs to be set up on each cable box on which you would like to use parental controls.

Unlock a locked channel or program

Tune to the program or channel you have locked and enter your PIN when prompted as shown below:

Channel is blocked. Press 'Select' to enter your PIN and watch this channel

Once you enter your PIN, parental controls will be temporarily disabled. As long as the Auto Re-lock setting is ON, parental controls will automatically turn back on if the remote hasn't been used for 4 hours or the box is put into standby.

Turn off parental controls

To fully disable parental controls:

  • Press TiVo to access TiVo Central.
  • Highlight Settings & Messages and press Select.
  • Highlight Parental Controls and press Select.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN.
  • Select Turn off Parental Controls.
  • Re-enter your 4-digit PIN.

When you turn off parental controls, the PIN is deleted and anyone can view any program or watch any channel. A new password will need to be selected if parental controls are turned back on.

Forgot your PIN?

In order to protect your privacy and control of this feature, you will need to call TiVo Support at 877-367-8486 to reset your PIN