TiVo: OnePass Manager

The OnePass Manager prioritizes all your repeat recordings and lets you manage conflicts and set options.

To access OnePass Manager go to TiVo Central then choose Manage Recordings & OnePass -> OnePass Manager.

Modify or cancel a OnePass

  1. Find the OnePass you wish to cancel or whose recording options you wish to change and press Select.
  2. Choose either Modify Options or Cancel this OnePass.

Change recording priority

When too many shows are scheduled to record at the same time, only the shows with the highest priorities are recorded.

OnePasses are prioritized in the order you set them up, with the first at the top of the list. To change priority order, use the Up/Down arrows to highlight a repeating recording. Next, use the Right arrow to highlight the arrows to the right of the title. Then use the Up/Down arrows to move the selected title up or down in the list.

  • Individual recordings are marked with a single check mark:
  • OnePasses and manual repeating recordings are marked with a double check mark:
  • Auto-recording WishList searches are marked with a starred double check mark: