Although it does not happen often, there may be times when unexpected issues occur. If the issue is related to personally-owned equipment, inside wiring, jacks, connectors or anything else outside of our complimentary service coverage our inside wire maintenance program, Safeguard, has got you covered.

This optional service is available to Suddenlink customers for a low monthly fee. If an issue arises, our care specialists will work to resolve the issue over the phone and will waive the service fee if a home visit by a technician is required. That’s money saved and peace of mind.

Commonly Asked Questions


Why do I need Safeguard?

It’s protection from the unexpected. With Safeguard, there is no need to worry about being charged a $60 service visit fee when a technician comes to your home. We will work with you to troubleshoot any issues and educate you on your equipment prior to setting up a home visit. If a home visit is necessary, the service visit fee will be waived for Safeguard customers.

What is a service visit?

A service visit is any in-home appointment made to troubleshoot an issue with your service. As a benefit of enrollment, the typical service visit fee is waived for Safeguard customers. Note: Installations and change of service appointments are not considered service visits.

What should I do if I have a problem?

Please contact us. We will try to determine what the problem is and troubleshoot with you over the phone. If a technician needs to come to your home, we will set up an appointment and as a Safeguard customer, the fee will be waived.

How do I add Safeguard?

Please contact us and let us know you would like to add Safeguard to your account.

Where can I find more information about Safeguard?

Please contact us and let us know you would like to learn more about Safeguard. One of our care specialists will be happy to tell you more about the product.

For the full terms and conditions, Click here.