Regional Sports Credit

Due to the widespread impact of COVID-19, many sporting events last year were canceled or postponed. As a result, we have been working on your behalf to secure refunds from the local sports networks for live sports you missed during that time. If you had a package with these channels in 2020, you will receive a “Regional Sports Credit” on your bill within the next few months.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Regional Sports Credit?
The Regional Sports Credit is a credit we are giving back to customers for sports content that was canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19. Select customers will receive this based on the video package they received in 2020.

Why did I get the Regional Sports Credit?
If you received a credit, it means the impacted channels were included in your package. We received funds back from select networks for lost content and therefore are passing the credits to you.

When will I see the Regional Sports Credit on my bill?
If you are eligible for this credit, it will appear on one of your next few bills as a "Regional Sports Credit" in the "Other Services" section.

Why did I not get the credit yet?
It takes a few months to apply to credit to all the customers’ accounts. We are working to get this credit added to impacted customer accounts as soon as possible. You will receive a credit if you were subscribed to a package with these networks in 2020 and are an active video customer and current in your monthly payments.

How was the credit calculated?
You will get a credit for 100% of the funds you are qualified to receive based on the fees we recovered to date and the number of months you received the sports networks in 2020.

Will I receive additional credits?
We are continuing to work on your behalf to get back programming fees charged by local sports networks for live sports canceled in 2020. We are currently passing to customers the funds they are owed based on the fees we retrieved to date.