Suddenlink Email

Your Suddenlink Internet service includes up to 10 free Suddenlink email addresses with up to 54 MB in storage.

Create an email address

  1. Go to My Account or
  2. Sign in with the primary username and password for your account.
  3. Under My Profile select "Create" next to email address.
  4. Complete the required fields.
  5. When done, select "Update User".
  6. If the username you choose is not taken, you will return to the Account Overview page. Depending on how long it takes for the email address to provision, you may see a "Pending" notification next to it. If you see the word "Pending", wait a minute or so then reload the page.
Your email address will be the for residential customers and for commercial customers.

How to access

You can access your email from any computer or mobile device with Internet connectivity and a standard web browser through Webmail or a third-party email client.

Manage email addresses

You can delete or create additional addresses and manage them through My Profile in My Account at You'll need to sign in with your primary username and under My Users select "Add/Edit."