Altice One: Cloud DVR

With Cloud DVR, you can watch your favorites DVR recordings from anywhere in your home.


  • Record up to (15) fifteen shows at the same time while watching anything you want.
  • Rewind live TV for up to 30 minutes on the channel you are currently watching and the previous channel watched, so you can jump between two programs without missing any live content.
  • Watch recordings anywhere in your home with the Altice One App.
  • Record programs and play back your recorded programs in multiple rooms.
  • Record an entire season of your favorite show.
  • Store up to 75 hours of HD programming or over 300 hours of SD programming.
  • Manage access to recordings via parental controls.

DVR menu

To access the DVR menu, press HOME or A on your remote to bring up the main menu and select DVR.

  • All Recordings: Displays all programs you have recorded.
  • Series Manager: Allows you to view and modify recording options for each of your series recordings.
  • Scheduled List: Displays a detailed list of future programs to be recorded. Here, you can view, edit and cancel individual scheduled recordings.
  • Clean-up My DVR: Allows you to delete multiple recordings quickly. A screen appears, with a list of all of your recordings. To delete, simply highlight a program or folder and press SELECT.

Ways to record

Simply press Record on your remote when:

  • You are watching a live TV program.
  • You are in the guide with a program highlighted.
  • You are in a program's info screen
  • You are browsing programs in the info bar.

Anytime you press Record, the Record Menu will appear. Highlight and select Record at the bottom of the screen to instantly begin recording a program using default settings.

If you want to customize this recording, before you select record, you are given the choice to change the recording options for this recording only. Once the options are set, highlight Record and press SELECT.

Recording options

The following options are available for either a one-time recording or a series recording as indicated by the checked boxes below.

One-Time Recording Series Recording
Start — Can only be adjusted when modifying or set in preferences
Stop — Change the recording's stop time from on time (default_ to up to 3 hours after airing.
Keep Until — Choose until you delete, until space is needed (default), or up to 14 days
Record — Choose this episode only (default) or series.
Save Latest — Choose to record all episodes (default), or up to 5 episodes.
Series Option — Choose to record all new and repeat episodes (default), new episodes only, or those that air at a specific time and/or day.


You can customize your DVR recording options for an episode or series.

  1. Press HOME or A to bring up on the main menu and select Settings.
  2. Highlight TV and press SELECT.
  3. Scroll to Preferences and press SELECT.
  4. A list of options will appear that can be customized for all future recordings.

Watch a recording

  1. Press DVR or select DVR from the main menu.
  2. Highlight All Recordings and use the arrows to navigate to the results.
  3. Highlight what you want to watch and press SELECT.
  4. Highlight Play and press SELECT.