Altice One: Block Channels

Not every show is appropriate for every age group. Parental controls give you the power to decide what content is appropriate for your household.

Block channels

Follow these steps to block a channel(s) with Altice One:

  1. Press HOME on your remote to bring up the main menu and select Settings.
  2. Highlight TV then press SELECT.
  3. Scroll to Restrictions then press SELECT.
  4. Highlight Parental Controls then press SELECT.
  5. Enter your 4-digit parental control PIN.
  6. Scroll to Channels Blocks then press SELECT.
  7. Highlight All Channels then press SELECT.
  8. Use the arrows to highlight the channel you want to block and press SELECT.
  9. A lock icon will appear in the upper right corner of the channel you blocked.

Important: For blocks to take effect, parental controls must be enabled. Click here to learn how.