Altice One App: Guide

The Altice One App allows you to steam TV and Cloud DVR programming throughout your home on a mobile device. The App is available to download on your iOS, Android and Kindle devices by visiting the applicable store or clicking here.

The guide allows you to navigate TV listings for the current day and 12 days into the future.

Open the guide

To access the guide select Guide from the main menu. When you first go to the guide, it will displays programming that is currently airing.


  • You can scroll the Time Bar on top of the guide grid.
  • Tap a program in the guide to display the Full Info page for that program.
  • Scroll through the programs by swiping left/right only one row at a time.
  • Scroll through channels by swiping up/down.
  • Swiping upward/downward rapidly and repeatedly for the Channel Jump feature. You can press the slider in the Channel Jump bar to navigate to any channel for a quick vertical scroll.
  • Turbo scroll across programs airing on a channel by swiping rapidly. Tap the screen to stop turbo scrolling or stop swiping.

Search filters

From the header section of the guide screen, you can use the Option icon to access Filter options. Tap on the icon, which moves the guide grid downwards and opens a horizontal panel. You have the ability to filter by:

  • Favorites - favorite channels in the guide
  • Primetime - programs airing between 8pm and 11pm, EST
  • Subscribed - your subscribed channels
  • Available Out of Home- channels that may be accessed away from your home network