Altice One App: DVR

The Altice One App allows you to steam TV and Cloud DVR programming throughout your home on a mobile device. The App is available to download on your iOS, Android and Kindle devices by visiting the applicable store or clicking here.

Recording a program

Using the App, you can record a program from the Full Info page in the Guide, Network Guide, Search or My Picks.

  1. Display the option to set recording.
  2. Selecting the option sets a new recording with default recording preferences:
    • Standalone program — One Time Recording
    • Episode of a series — Series Recording
  3. The program will be recorded in the quality it is airing.

Recording preferences

Recording preferences saves you from having to select recording options each time a program is scheduled. Recording preferences may be accessed through Settings. To access Settings, select it from the main menu:

  • It allows you to configure which options to apply when scheduling a recording a series or episode only recording.
  • Changes made in Recording Preferences will be reflected in the Recording Options page (selecting Record or Edit Record from Full Info) from any location in the app.
  • You can choose between Series Preferences for reoccurring programs or Episode Preferences for shows that are not available as part of a reoccurring series.

Managing your recordings

From the main menu tap DVR.

Recorded Tab

  • The Recorded tab displays recorded programs as well as in-progress recordings
  • The Storage Meter displays automatically and alerts you by turning red if it reaches close to capacity (90%).
  • Tapping a Series program displays the list of episodes that have been recorded from the series. Look for the folder icon over the program image.

Scheduled Tab

  • The Scheduled tab displays all programs scheduled to record in future. It does not display in-progress recordings.
  • Episodes of a series are displayed as separate items in the Scheduled List.

To cancel a recording:

To display an overlay, on your tablet use a long press action on the item, or on your smartphone swipe a program in the recorded list from right to the left of the screen.

  1. A red overlay with a checked (x) radio button appears.
  2. If necessary, select the CANCEL option to cancel the recording and displays a message.
  3. An 'Undo' option is provided in case you change your mind.
  4. The Scheduled List screen is immediately readjusted when the overlay is dismissed.

Playback a recording:

You can playback all the recordings from your mobile device while in-home. Here are the available functions:

  • You may Pause, Play and Stop and Instant Replay
  • Rewind (4 speeds) and Fast Forward (4 speeds) using the seek bar
  • Frame by Frame mode (Pause+FF/REW)
  • Forward/backward in 30 second increments with a single tap
  • Full screen video player by tapping the maximize option or rotating the phone to landscape orientation
  • Playback supports SAP, video description and enhanced closed captioning.
  • If members of the household are using both the Altice One App and the Altice One box to playback a recording:
  • Bookmarks are recognized - you can start watching on your mobile device, stop, then resume on your Altice One.
  • Three different recordings can be played back on mobile devices at the same time.

To delete a recording:

Long Press Action
Within your Recorded list of Series page, press and hold on an item. An overlay appears with radio buttons on top of each images along with Cancel and Delete Recordings buttons at the bottom of the page.

Swipe Action
Swipe a program in the recorded list from right to left of the screen. This displays a 'Delete recording' overlay with a trash can. Tapping the trash icon deletes the program and displays a message with an 'Undo' option.