Do you want to record a particular show? Or do you want to set up the DVR to record anytime a new episode of your favorite show comes on? Follow the instructions given below.

Recording a show

  • Press the RECORD button anytime while watching TV or navigating through the guide to begin recording the current program immediately.
  • You can also schedule recordings for programs starting later by pressing the RECORD button while in the Listings, and recording will begin at the program’s scheduled start time.
Series Recording

Your DVR lets you record multiple episodes of a program according to your preferences.

  • Select the episode type to record, such as first-run only or all episodes
  • Specify how many recordings to save
  • Specify how long to save the recording – until you erase it or until space is needed.
  • To access advanced series setup features, like add minutes to the start and end times and specify which channels to record, select the Recording Options Icon to review all options.

To set up a series recording, find the desired show in the guide and hit the select button. The menu bar will show up, select the set up a series recording option.