Ever heard of someone mention that they use an M-Card CableCARD and wanted to know more? Look below for more information.

  • The M stands for "multi", and decrypts multiple streams. We use the M-Card with TiVo boxes purchased at electronics and other retailers.
  • This particular card will decrypt both tuners in the TiVo box.

    Note: The M-Card will work with TiVo boxes if those boxes have the most current software in them. If the M-Card is not working, you will need to check with either the maker of the box (TiVo) or the retailer from which you purchased it, to obtain the most current software. Because this software is proprietary to TiVo, Suddenlink does not have access to it. TiVo devices that are purchased at electronics or other retailers require a CableCARD to access Suddenlink programming. TiVo devices that are leased from Suddenlink do not.

    Note: When using a CableCARD, the following services are not available:

    • Interactive Program Guide (IPG) including Suddenlink's Parental Controls
    • Impulse Pay Per View (IPPV)
    • Video on Demand (VOD)
    • Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
    • Parental Controls

The M-CableCARD works with other digital-cable-ready devices – such as a TiVo box or a Microsoft digital cable tuner – by inserting the CableCARD into the appropriate slot on those devices.

Note: if you need more than one card there may be a nominal fee associated with each CableCARD installed.