Suddenlink has transitioned most of its channels to all-digital formats, requiring that some older TV's have a box on them to work for analog channels above 23.  Find out more here.


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What is a DigitaLink?

  • A DigitaLink is a digital transport adapter which converts a digital signal into an analog signal so it can be displayed by an analog TV. In cable networks that have an all-digital format, a DigitaLink is required for TVs that do not have an external digital converter (cable set-top box) or an internal digital tuner, such as older analog TVs.
Why do I need one?

  • If you have an older TV that does not have an external digital converter (cable set-top box) or an internal digital tuner, you will need a DigitaLink to convert the digital signal to analog signal so that you can receive channels higher than Channel 23.
My television has a digital tuner built-in. Do I need to get a DigitaLink device for it?

  • If your TV sets have built-in QAM digital tuners and you subscribe to both Suddenlink Basic and Expanded Basic TV, you can view all of those channels-plus HD Broadcast channels-without SL DigitaLinks. However, the channel numbers on TV sets with built-in QAM digital tuners might not match the channel numbers on Suddenlink’s lineup. If you want the channel numbers on your TV sets with built-in QAM digital tuners to match Suddenlink’s channel numbers, you should consider ordering or picking up an SL DigitaLink.
If I have a digital box or DVR, will I need a DigitaLink?

  • No. A DigitaLink will only be required for televisions that do not have any type of cable box attached to them.
What is the difference between the DigitaLink and my current digital box?

  • DigitaLink does not support an expanded guide, VOD services, high definition channels, or parental control like your digital box does.
With a DigitaLink, do I need to set my TV to a specific channel?

  • Yes. Set your TV and the adapter both to channel 3, unless instructed otherwise. (Some areas use channel 4.)
Can I still use picture-in-picture with a DigitaLink?

  • No, picture-and-picture (PIP) will only work if your TV has a digital tuner.
Why is Suddenlink making this change?

  • By making this digital transition, Suddenlink will be able to offer more channels, more HD channels, more VOD programs, and faster internet speeds.
Will this affect my monthly bill?

  • No, this will not affect your monthly bill.
What if I do nothing?

  • Without a DigitaLink, any TV connected directly to Suddenlink service without a digital converter box will eventually lose access to roughly 40 of the channels it currently receives. Depending on your service area, you will lose channels that start around channel 23 and can go up to channel 67. You will keep approximately 20 channels that are found in our Limited Basic lineup, but you will lose all Expanded Basic channels, like Disney, CNN, Lifetime, and over 40 other channels.