TiVo: Add Missing Channels

Sometimes certain channels do not appear on your channel guide even if they are included with your TV service. This is caused by the option to show those particular channels being turned off.

Follow these simple steps to turn missing channels on:

  1. Press "TiVo" on your remote to access TiVo Central.
  2. Select "Settings & Messages" and press SELECT.
  3. Highlight "Settings" and press SELECT. (NOTE: If parental controls are turned on, you’ll be prompted to enter your 4-digit PIN).
  4. Select "Channels" and press SELECT.
  5. Highlight "Channel List" and press SELECT.
  6. A list of available channels will appear. Channels that are set to show in the channel lineup have a checkmark. If a channel is missing a checkmark, highlight it and press SELECT to add it.
  7. When you are finished making changes, highlight "Done", then press SELECT.