With Connected Home, you are more connected to your home than ever before. With the ability to access in-home cameras from any computer or mobile device to watch streaming video, set up email alerts to advise you of unexpected alarm events, and even additional security built in such as being able to see pictures of anyone who arms or disarms the system and much more, you are always connected.

Below you will find some tips and additional information about the Connected Home system.

Low battery sensor

Your panel regularly checks the battery level of each of your sensors. If the battery power in one of your sensors is low, the panel will automatically report it and give you a full 7 days to replace it and prevent any interruptions in your level of protection.

Panel Backup Battery

If your home experiences a power outage the back-up battery will keep the system active, automatically recharging when the power is restored.

Emergency Panic Button

Your IQ Panel has the ability to send emergency alerts directly to your monitoring service, whether or system is armed or not. You'll notice two buttons on the bottom of the panel. Pressing the Plus (+) button will show you the emergency services page with three large icons. Simply touch one of these icons to indicate a police, fire, or medical emergency and get the help you need. Without even picking up a phone.

Cellular Failure

Your built-in cellular card uses radio signals with nearby towers to communicate with the monitoring station. If your panel reports "GSM Dropped", you will not be able to communicate until that signal is restored. In most cases, your panel will automatically reestablish a connection. But please contact us any time if you experience any prolonged outage.

Sensor Tampering

If someone attempts to open or move one of your sensors from the installed location, your panel will report a tamper. You should inspect the sensor for any visible damage and contact us anytime for assistance if it's needed.