Do you have an Apple iPad or iPhone that you would like to connect to your WiFi@Home service? Below you will find step by step instructions on how to do just that.

Quick Select

Phone Settings

On the phone's Home screen of your device, locate and tap on the Settings button to open up the Settings menu.

Wifi Menu

When the Settings menu appears, locate and tap on the Wifi button to open up the Wifi menu. This will open up additional options to the right. Find the SSID (Network Name) of your Wifi@Home service and tap on it.

If you need help identifying what the SSID or Network Name of your service is, please click here.


When the desired wifi connection is tapped a box will pop up asking you to enter the password for the connection. In the box provided, enter the WEP/WPA (also known as the preshared key) specific to your Wifi@Home connection. Once you have entered the correct WEP/WPA key, tap the Join button to enter it.

If you do not know the WEP/WPA password for your WiFi@Home connection, please click here.

If you have a computer that uses Windows 7/8 or MAC OSX that is already connected to your WiFi@Home service, you can also find your WEP/WPA key by following these steps.


With the proper WEP/WPA key entered you will be returned to the Wifi Settings menu. You will now see a check mark next to the SSID you chose before, indicating that you have successfully joined that connection.