I have a wireless modem/router provided by Suddenlink. Where can I find the password and SSID?

This article explains where to find your Network Name (SSID) and password (Network Key) for your Suddenlink WiFi@Home devices.

Connecting to a wireless network will vary slightly from one operating system to another, but the basic steps are the same. There are two pieces of information that are necessary to join a wireless network and both can be found on a sticker that is attached to the Suddenlink provided wireless router you have.

  • SSID - This is the name of the network being broadcast by the router.
  • S/N or Passphrase - This is the password or key needed to access the wireless network.

NOTE: Some wireless modems will not have the password on the sticker. In those instances the password to log onto the network will be the Serial Number (S/N) of the modem.

Additional information

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