Below you will find instructions on how to configure your Apple iPhone or iPad with your email address so you can check your email on your phone.

Quick Select


From the home screen, locate and tap the Settings button.

Mail, Contacts, Calendars

In the settings menu, locate and tap the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option. Then click on Add Account on the right.

Add Mail Account

When the Add Account menu pops up, locate and tap on the Add Mail Account button.

Email provider

You will then have to select which type of email you are setting up. Locate and tap on the Other button at the bottom of the list.

Server settings

You will have to enter the following information in the screen that comes up after tapping on Other. Then tap Next.

  • Name (your name which will also be used as your display name)
  • Email (your email address that you are wanting to check)
  • Password (the password set up for that email address)
  • Description (used to identify this account in the client, useful if you are going to set up more than one email account to be checked)

Message reminder

Upon entering the previous information and hitting Next, a message box will appear reminding you of a way to contact our customer support if you have any problems with the servers. Click Next to go past that screen. Steps to verify if your information is correct are below.

Mail account settings

Back on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen you should see your new mail account listed in the Account section to the right. To look at the settings for that account, tap on the mail account name.


Ensure all the settings are correct.

  • Incoming Mail Server (
  • Username (full email address)
  • SMTP (