Data Plans

For more information about Internet usage and Suddenlink data plans, please visit this page on our website.

If data plans have been established in your area, you can determine the data plan for your account and monitor usage by logging in to, choosing "My Account", then "Online Tools", and then "View Internet Usage". If you do not yet have an online account with us, visit and follow the registration instructions provided there. When complete, choose "Online Tools" and then "View Internet Usage".

Note: Only the primary account holder has access to the "View Internet Usage" summary, where available.

If you do not see a link or icon for "View Internet Usage", it means one or more of the following apply: (a) you are not the primary account holder; or (b) we have not yet introduced this resource nor data plans in your area; or (c) the summary has been taken offline for maintenance. We will not count the prior day's usage when an online usage summary is not available to the primary account holder.