Laptops, smartphones, tablets and many other types of consumer devices support wireless network connections. Wireless has understandably become the preferred form of computer networking for many people due to its portability and convenience. You can maximize your wireless router’s performance by connecting your WiFi enabled devices to it.


You will need your SSID Name and Network Password.


**If you are unsure what your SSID Name and/or password is click here for more information.**


Step 1

Turn ON the WiFi feature of your device and browse for available wireless networks.


Step 2

Look for your wireless network name (SSID) and click or tap to connect to it.


Step 3

Once you click or tap Connect, you will be prompted for the security key or password. Enter the required password and select Connect to go online.


Step 4

Once your device has successfully connected to a wireless network, it will automatically connect the next time your device is within range.


Note: If the steps above do not resolve your issue please, refer to your device’s manual for detailed instructions or contact the manufacturer for more information.