Below you will find steps and instructions on how to configure your Android tablet for our WiFi@Home service.

Quick Select


Locate and find the Settings button on your homescreen or app menu.

WiFi settings

In the Settings menu, select the WiFi option and verify that the slider next to WiFi is flipped to the right, or in the ON position. Once you have ensured the WiFi protocol is turned on, locate and tap on the SSID of your WiFi@Home service.

If you need help identifying what the SSID or Network Name of your service is, please click here.

WEP/WPA key entry

Pre-list wording

If you do not know the WEP/WPA password for your WiFi@Home connection, please click here.

If you have a computer that uses Windows 7/8 or MAC OSX that is already connected to your WiFi@Home service, you can also find your WEP/WPA key by following these steps.


With the proper WEP/WPA key entered you will be returned to the WiFi Settings menu. You will see that it now shows Connected under your SSID indicating that you are connected to that network.