Here is some more information you need to know about Suddenlink e-mail services.

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Use of Suddenlink's outbound e-mail servers

Suddenlink requires all email messages sent from our network to go through Suddenlink outbound (SMTP) servers. Any attempt to send email using a third-party outbound email server will result in an error message in your email software, and the message will not be delivered.

The use of Suddenlink email servers is required to reduce the amount of unsolicited email, or spam that is sent from our network. Spam is not only a nuisance, but also potentially degrades our email service by consuming network and server resources. Spam also increases the potential for computer virus attacks. Finally, excessive amounts of spam originating from our network can result in other ISPs refusing to receive any email, including legitimate messages, from our network.

Third party e-mail servers

A "third party e-mail server" is any email server not currently owned by you or Suddenlink. You may be connecting to a third party e-mail server because:

  • Your email software, such as Outlook Express, is configured to use a third party outgoing mail server to send email, with or without your knowledge.
  • Your computer may be allowing other users from the Internet to connect to it. These outside users may be using your machine to relay their email. We recommend that you review the security of your PC.
  • Your computer is infected with a virus that is attempting to spread itself via email. We recommend that you update your antivirus software and scan your machine for viruses.

E-mail restrictions

In order to protect the integrity of our outbound email servers and it's reputation on the internet for being save to allow email from, there are limits to how much outbound email can go out through our server from one address in a given time frame. Most people will never have to worry about these limits, as they are set fairly high for normal e-mail use.

The most likely customers who might be affected by these limits are those whose email address has been compromised and is being used for unintended and unscrupulous purposes such as sending more spam or viruses.

If the limits are reached for whatever reason, your ability to send any e-mails will be removed. You will still be able to receive email, but you will not be able to send any until you contact us to get it cleared.

The limits are:

  • Residential Users: 1,000 messages or 1,000 recipients per day
  • Commercial Users: 3,000 messages or 10,000 recipients per day
  • Both: 50 invalid recipients per day

Vanity Domains

Although Suddenlink does not currently host or support vanity domains for residential customers, some of our customers have acquired them through third parties and want to use them in their email messages. Suddenlink does not prevent the use of vanity domains as either the From or Reply-To address in your email header. However, if you use a vanity domain on your email, it must be a valid domain that can be resolved by the Domain Name System (DNS) servers. Any email sent with invalid domains in the From or Reply-To address fields will not be delivered.