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Previous Activity

The Previous Activity section breaks down the previous balance from the prior month. It will also show the amount and date of the last payment made. It will also display any past due balance that will need to be paid immediately.

Monthly Charges

The Monthly Charges section contains a la carte along with bundled packages. A la carte charges could include services such as Suddenlink WiFi@home, premium channels, and broadcaster’s fees. Any partial charges will show in this section as well.

One Time Charges

The one-time charges section details all charges that occur per instance. Examples of one-time charges are field technician visits, modem purchases, and outlet installations.

Movies and Events

The movies and events section will display charges for any Pay-Per-View movies or events as well as Video-on-Demand purchases.


The Adjustments section contains information regarding one time charges. One time charges are charges that occur per instance. Examples of one time charges will range anywhere from field technician visits to equipment cost such as modem purchases and house amplifiers.

Taxes and Fees

The Taxes and Fees section will display the amount of taxes and fees that are applied to the account. Suddenlink Communications does not have any control over this section. These taxes and fees are applied by the governing bodies in your state and community.

Total Due

The Total Due section will display a combined total of all sections of the bill. This will be the total amount due and will include any one-time charges, monthly charges, and past due balances.