If one or all of your services are out, and troubleshooting such as powercycling your internet connection or checking your TV connections doesn't work, you can see if there is an service outage going on in your area that might be causing your service to be out.

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Check for outages on your MyAccount homepage

If you have access to an internet connection, either from your home computer or from a computer at another location, you can check for outages in your area by logging into the web portal at home.suddenlink.net with your username and password.

Once you log in, click on My Account next to Email. It will load the Overview of your account.

On the right hand side of the screen, information for any service outages that you might be experiencing in your area will appear in the 'Notifications' section, if there are any.

Check for outages via the Suddenlink2Go app on Apple® iPad®

You can also check for outages in the Suddenlink2GO® app currently available on the Apple® iPad®.

Once you have opened and logged into the app, touch the Menu button (the three bars) then choose 'My Services'.

Under the Troubleshooting tab at the bottom, you can see information on any outages that might be reported in your area, if any.

Other options

If you are still having problems with your service and there are no reported outages in your area, please contact customer support or chat with us online for additional help.