Below you will find explanation of other fees and charges that may appear on your Suddenlink bill.

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Taxes and Fees

Taxes and fees included on billing statements represent regulatory assessments from local, state and federal government entities. All the taxes and fees included in this section are collected and paid to governmental entities. Suddenlink does not keep any of these monies collected.

Fees and taxes are calculated by applying the statutory rates provided by the government agency responsible for the collection of the fees or taxes by the cost of service eligible for the tax/fee.

Most but not all services appearing on the statement are included in the various tax/fee calculations. The services eligible for the application of tax/fee are determined by the applicable governmental agency and provided to Suddenlink to make sure the proper amounts are collected.

PEG Fees represent a separate fee that is collected and paid to the Local Franchise Authority for the funding of a Public Government and Education channel for that specific community.

Taxes and fees appearing on the billing statement are separated by the products selected—Video Service, High Speed Data service, Home Telephone service or Home Security service.

The tax/fee assessed may change from time to time as a result of changes from the local, state or federal government entity responsible for the collection of tax/fees.

Broadcast Station Surcharge

This surcharge has been included as a separate line item on customers’ bills for several years now. It covers the cost of the escalating fees charged by broadcast TV station owners. Federal law allows TV station owners to charge companies like ours for the signals they broadcast freely over the air, and those fees have increased dramatically in the last year. As we have always done, we will not collect more from this surcharge than we pay to broadcast TV station owners.

Sports Programming Surcharge

That charge is the result of skyrocketing costs for channels like ESPN, ESPN2, and regional sports networks, as well as general-entertainment networks with sports programing, like TNT, TBS, USA, and others.

The owners of such networks pay billions for TV sports rights and pass on the costs.

Making matters worse: Many channel owners use their contracts to prevent companies like ours from selling the most-expensive sports channels in a separate package – one that customers could choose or reject, based on their preferences.

If you’re as frustrated by this situation as we are, please consider contacting your elected officials listed at and – and ask them to encourage TV-channel owners to let their highest-priced sports channels be sold on a separate service.

Franchise Fees

The Cable Act of 1984 allows local governments to collect "franchise fees" on the sale of "cable services." The amount of the franchise fee is set by the local government or by state law. Suddenlink collects the franchise fees and gives them to the local government.

Payment Assistance Fee

Suddenlink does not charge a payment assistance fee for most bill payment options. There is only a fee associated with bill payments that are processed by a Suddenlink customer service representative over the telephone.
There is no charge to use any one of Suddenlink’s several other convenient payment options including making a payment at your local Suddenlink store location, mailing your payment, on-line bill pay accessed through your account, EZ Pay recurring debit/credit payments and payment via our automated phone system.

Paying the bill with a customer service representative vs. automated system

When you pay your bill using the automated phone system, there is no need to talk to a Suddenlink customer service representative. With the press of a button, you are able to pay your bill quickly and securely, from any phone at any time of the day, not just during normal business hours. By using our automated system, you do not need to talk with a customer care representative, which leaves our representatives available to help customers with service and billing questions. If you choose to pay by phone using a Suddenlink customer service representative, you will speak to a person who will then take your payment over the phone and you will be charged the transaction-processing fee. You can pay with a credit card, a debit card or from your checking account through either the automated phone payment system or a customer service representative.

Why does Suddenlink charge this transaction processing fee?

In addition to offsetting some of the costs that are incurred to process payments using a Suddenlink representative, we want to encourage you to take advantage of one of the several convenient bill payment options now available. There is no fee to use any of these convenient payment options including on-line bill pay on-line bill pay accessed through your account, Suddenlink EZ Pay recurring debit/credit payments and payment via our automated phone system. When you use one of these convenient options instead of contacting a customer care representative, our representatives will be more available to answer service and billing questions and offer troubleshooting.

Will I be charged for connecting with a customer service representative for bill explanation or questions regarding other issues?

No! There is no charge to talk to a customer service representative when you need assistance or have questions. We are here to help and ensure that you are taken care of in a timely manner.

Service Restoration Fee

As of April 1, 2014 there will be a $7.00 Restoration Fee assessed to customers who make a payment or are granted an extension to restore services after the services have been temporarily disconnected for non-payment.

When your services have been temporarily disabled for non-pay, your services will be turned off remotely without a tech going out to physically disconnect at your house. If you make a payment through any of the payment means Suddenlink offers during this time, the minimum payment required to restore your service will include the $7.00 Restoration Fee.

If a payment is not made during this time, you run the risk of your services being turned off physically at your house. If your services are completely turned off, there will be other charges and fees associated with re-instating your account.

The Service Restoration Fee is assessed to recover some of the cost related to the processing required to restore your service.

I don't have a credit card. What are my payment options?

At no cost, you can pay from your checking account through the automated phone payment system, make a one-time payment via on-line bill pay accessed through your account, Suddenlink EZ Pay or Suddenlink store. Or you can make a payment through a customer service representative for a charge. You can also pay by cash at any Suddenlink store.

How do I sign up for EZ Pay?

Log in to your account and select "Sign Up Recurring Payment" to have your checking account or credit card drafted monthly. You may also mail in a printed enrollment form that can be found in your monthly statement. Finally, you can enroll at all Suddenlink store locations.
Note: When signing up for EZ Pay you must have a zero ($0.00) balance. A drafted payment will occur immediately if a current or past due balance remains on the account.
Does Suddenlink offer online bill payment?

Yes! Log in to your account and click on the “My Bill” tab to access account information and payment options for all Suddenlink services. From there, you can, make a partial or full payment on your bill, view your most recent bill statements, check your Account History for recently applied payments or credits and sign up for monthly email billing reminders.
You may pay with any type of credit card or debit card.

Are there security issues with paying my bill online?

For security and privacy, a session ends when you log off, close your web browser or take a break for more than a few minutes in the middle of the payment process. For additional security, all credit card information is encrypted so that it cannot be intercepted by a third party, and we do not save credit card information with a customer’s record for future use.

I don't have a computer. How else can I pay my bill without incurring a transaction processing fee?

There are a variety of ways that you can pay your bill. You can sign up for recurring debit or credit card payments by mailing in a Suddenlink EZ Pay printed enrollment form that can be mailed to you when requested through a customer service representative. You can enroll at all Suddenlink stores. You can also pay by phone using our automated system that allows you to pay your bill without the assistance of a customer care representative. It’s fast, easy and you can do it from anywhere. You can also pay your bill at your local Suddenlink store or mail your payment using the payment stub and envelope provide with your monthly bill.

What is the Texas State Cost Recovery Fee?

This fee is the result of changes to Texas state governmental policies. The amount of the fee is 0.7% of the monthly services bill and applies to all services.