Now transferring your Suddenlink services from your current address to another address in a Suddenlink area has never been easier. You can now schedule a transfer of your services to your new address online - all without needing to call in to us or go by your local office.

Quick Select

Start the Easy Move process

When it's time to transfer your service, simple click here and fill out the form.


Fill out the required information

To start the transfer process, enter the required information on the Easy Move page. The address you are moving from will go on the left. And the address you are moving to will go on the right. You will also need to fill out the information on the bottom so the system can verify the right account. This is also where you will choose your preferences for when you would like the service to be active at your new address, as well as what time you prefer the tech to come out to your house. Be sure to give us the phone number you can be reached at, just in case it's needed.

Once everything is entered to your satisfaction, click on the 'Schedule My Move' button at the bottom.

Receive a confirmation if the transfer work order is successfully set up

If the system is able to verify the account information and the day and time that you requested is available, you should receive a confirmation page that will give you the details of your move as well the phone number to call us if you have any questions or problems.

What if I get an error message when trying to set it up?

If there is any problem with getting your transfer set up automatically, you will receive the screen below. You should receive a call from a customer service agent at the phone number you provided on the first screen within 24 to 48 hours. They will be able to talk with you and get your transfer set up, all without having to give us a call. However, if you wish to call us anytime, the phone number will be at the bottom of the screen.

Moving outside of the Suddenlink service area?

Once you enter your address information, the system will try to identify your address. If it is unable to find it, it's most likely because your new address is not in an area that we service. If that is the case, you will be provided with information for CableMover that can help you identify what cable company does service your area.

If you are presented with this screen, you will still have to call us to have your Suddenlink services disconnected on the date you choose.