Upgrade, change, or cancel service

We strive to provide the best products and highest level of customer service. But we know there might come a time when you need to upgrade, change, or even cancel your service with us. If you ever need or want to upgrade your services, make changes to your account, or cancel an entire line of service (i.e., Internet, Phone, TV, etc.) you will need to speak with a Suddenlink representative to discuss this matter, contact customer support.

  • If you are moving from your current location to another location, you can use our Easy Move process. You can easily check to see if Suddenlink services your new address, set up a transfer to move your services if we do, or be linked to the Cable Movers site to find out who services the area if we don't. Click here for more information.
  • If you are looking to cancel your service because you will be in another location for up to 5 months, we do have a Seasonal Downgrade plan that might suit your needs. Click here for more information.