This article provides information on the differences between Account holders and Authorized Users.


Note: For Suddenlink Phone Customers to request Call Detail Records, Account Holders and Authorized Users must be able to provide the Access Code for the account or answer the account secret question.


What is an Account Holder?

  • The person whose name is on the Suddenlink Account is the Account Holder. This person is able to make any change on or request information about their account after we verify ID by phone or picture ID in person.
What is an Authorized User?

  • Account Holders have the right to allow others (spouse, roommate, parent, etc.) to make changes on or request information* about their account.
  • This process is established by the Account Holder either calling or stopping by a Suddenlink office and (after verifying ID) providing names and identification for the chosen person who will be referred to as an Authorized User for the account.
  • Your Authorized User will need to know security account information such as the name that the account is under, the Access Code for the account and/or the last 4 digits of the social security number for the account holder.