Closed Captioning is the process of displaying text on the television screen, typically to show a transcript of what is being said on the channel shown.

Enable Closed Captioning On Your Suddenlink Set-Top Box

Begin by making sure that Closed Captions are enabled on your TV set (this will be a setting on your TV menu - refer to your TV owner's manual for assistance).

Next, enable Closed Captions on your Suddenlink set-top box by doing the following:

  • Check to make sure that the power to your television and DVR are turned on
  • Press the "power" button on your Suddenlink remote control
  • As soon as your DVR turns off press the "menu" (or on some models the "settings") button on your remote control
  • You should see the User Setting Status menu on your screen
  • Using the directional arrows (up/down) on your remote, navigate the cursor to "CLOSED CAPTION"
  • If the brand on your DVR is Motorola you will use the left/right arrow to toggle to "ENABLED"
  • If the brand on your DVR is PACE you will press OK until closed caption is turned "ON"
  • Press Exit