Voicemail takes messages while you’re on another call, not at home or simply unable to get to the phone. You can retrieve your voice messages at any time; from any touch-tone phone, whether from home or a remote location, without the need of additional equipment.

  • You will hear an interrupted dial tone when there are new messages in your mailbox.
  • Maximum greeting length - 30 seconds
  • Maximum length incoming message - 10 minutes
  • Maximum number of messages saved - 50 messages or 10 MB, whichever comes first
  • Maximum time messages saved for - 60 days

Personalize Your Suddenlink Voicemail


Suddenlink provides a Single Line Voicemail Service option. You will need to set up your voicemail before using this feature. Once you have completed the set-up process your voicemail will be ready to receive messages.

  • Call your Suddenlink home telephone number or press *99.
  • The voicemail system will ask you for your temporary Personal Identification Number (PIN), which is 123456, then press #.
  • The first time you log in, the system will walk you through a tutorial to: Choose your language, set your Access Code (PIN), Record your name, Record your greeting
  • The voicemail system will then prompt you to select a 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) and to press the # key. Select a PIN that is easy to remember, but difficult for someone to guess. Please note that your PIN cannot contain # or *. The voicemail system will ask you to verify your PIN by entering it a second time and pressing the # key.

Note: You have the option to access your voicemail without using your PIN. This option is called PIN SKIP. If you would like to enable PIN SKIP, simply access the Voicemail system and dial 4-2-1. Should you want to disable PIN SKIP, dial 4-2-2-2 the system will always tell you the status of PIN SKIP and you can decide when to enable or disable this feature.

Access Messages


From your home phone:

  • From inside your home--Lift the handset from your home phone, a stutter dial tone means they have messages. You then dial *99 and wait for your voicemail to answer. You then dial your PIN and then press #. The voicemail system will tell you how many new messages you have. The system will autoplay your messages.

Not using your home phone:

  • From outside the home—Lift the handset of any touch tone phone and listen for the dial tone. Dial your 10-digit home telephone number. Wait for the call to go to voicemail, when the greeting starts press the * key and enter your PIN followed by the # key. The voicemail system will tell you how many new voicemail messages you have. The system will autoplay any messages.

Note: If you have PIN SKIP activated you will not be prompted to enter your PIN. Should you want to disable PIN SKIP, dial 4-2-1. 
Resetting Your PIN


If you forget your PIN for accessing your voicemail and need to reset it, please contact Customer Service at 888-822-5151.

Change your Voicemail Password


You can change your PIN Password to access your voicemail you must know what the current password is.

  • Access the voicemail system
  • Press 4 on your phone keypad
  • Press 1 on your phone keypad
  • Follow the voice prompts to complete

Change The Number Of Rings


Your voicemail is defaulted to pick up after # of rings but if you would like to shorten or lengthen that option you can.

  • Pick up the handset of the phone and wait for dial tone
  • Dial *94 on your phone keypad. You will hear a brief stuttered dial tone
  • Input the desired number of rings (0-9)
  • Hang Up
  • To verify the number of rings changed you should make a test call to the line from another phone (i.e. cell phone, another land line.)

Saving Voicemail Messages

Once you have listened to a message, you have the option of saving it. If you want to save the message, press the 9 immediately at the conclusion of the message. The Voicemail system will save the message and begin playing the next message

Replaying a Voicemail Message


Once you have listened to your voicemail message, you have an option of replaying the message. To replay the message, press 3 at any time during message playback. The message will rewind and begin playing again.

Advancing a Voicemail Message


While you are listening to a voicemail message, you can advance the message by pressing # and this action will advance the message to the end.

Deleting A Voicemail Message


Once you have listened to a message, you have the option to delete it. If you wish to delete a message, press 7 at any time during the message and the message will be erased.