This article provides troubleshooting tips on how to correct problems with Making or Receiving Calls.

What Should I Do First When I Have Problems Making or Receiving a Call?

  • Make sure all of your phones are properly hung up.
  • Check your equipment (e.g., cordless phone, answering machine, or fax) by disconnecting it from the phone jack and power source and then reconnecting it. Sometimes resetting your equipment will restore service.
  • Do a visual inspection of all exposed wiring and connections for damage or loose connections.
  • If you have more than one outlet, check the equipment (phone, fax, modem, etc.) at each outlet to determine whether operation can be obtained from all outlets.
  • To isolate jack or house wiring problems, move a working telephone to each jack in the house to find which location is causing the trouble.
  • If you are able to get a dial tone, try dialing 611 from your home phone. If the call connects to Customer Service, there is a possibility your phone may have been temporarily deactivated due to non-payment. Please check the status of your bill, or have the Customer Service agent check.
If you are having trouble receiving inbound calls, please check the following:

  • Make sure the ringer on your phone(s) is turned on.
  • Make sure your phone is plugged into an active jack.
  • Double check to make sure that the caller has dialed your correct phone number.
If you get a busy signal when calling your number from a different phone line, please check the following:

  • Make sure all of your phones are hung up.
  • If there is a fax machine plugged into a phone jack, make sure that the fax is functioning properly.
  • If there is an answering machine plugged into a phone jack, make sure that the machine is functioning properly.
  • If the line is still busy after disconnecting answering and fax machines, disconnect all other equipment from the phone line (for example satellite boxes).
Why am I having trouble receiving calls from the customers of other local service providers?

  • In some areas, Suddenlink customers may have been temporarily unable to receive calls that originate from third-party providers. Federal regulation requires that all local service providers coordinate network resources so that customers can make and receive calls from all providers. In some cases, local providers may not be as active in complying with this requirement as Suddenlink is. However, Suddenlink is working diligently to assist other providers in this respect. If you are aware that customers of other providers are unable to reach you, please contact Suddenlink. Those callers of providers that are unable to reach you should contact their provider as well and report the problem with call examples.