The ‘Highest Movie Rating’ and ‘Highest TV Rating’ setting on your account controls what level of video content you can view utilizing features like HBO GO, MAX GO, and any future channels that might be available online. You may also choose to allow viewing of unrated content online by checking the box for ‘Allow Unrated Content’.

You were required to select a ratings setting when you registered for your account but the settings can be easily adjusted following the steps below.

Quick Select

How to Adjust Parental Controls:

Step 1

  • Visit our website and log in with your Suddenlink username and password

  • Note: Secondary Users do not have access to modify Parental Controls settings. You must log in as the Primary User in order to adjust Parental Controls for Online viewing.

Step 2

  • Select MyAccount
Step 3

  • Select My Profile
Step 4

  • Select the User you want to adjust the Parental Controls for (an example of the primary username is displayed below)
  • Choose your rating preferences

Step 5

  • Click Update User to commit changes