Suddenlink provides approximately 2GB of mailbox storage that you can divide up among up to 10 email accounts. By default, the primary account has ~2 GB of space, and secondary accounts are given ~55 MB each upon creation.

Note: Suddenlink mailboxes are limited to 5,000 messages in the Inbox, Junk, and Trash folders and 50,000 messages total in the mailbox in all folders. It is also limited to 2GB of storage space regardless of message count.

You can use the following steps to change available quotas for your accounts:

Step 1

  • Log in to your email from our website

  • Click on Settings

Step 2

  • Click on Family Mailbox Administration

Step 3

  • Select account to change allocation
  • Change the allocated quota (shown in Kilobytes) and click OK
  • Each message for accounts is limited to 24 MB.